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Government Public Procurement, B2G: How To Get a Contract?

Government Procurement is the purchase of good and services by the government. It works in a way that an invitation to bid for a needed service or supply of goods is requested by the government agency to private sectors with a given time frame. The private sectors that are interested will then present their quotations for the service or supply of goods. After validation and deliberation, the lowest bidder among those that made the bid will get the contract. This is the legal way according to guidelines.

Often times, these kinds of government procurement involves a large sum of money. That is the reason many private sectors are eyeing on what the governments’ needs are. May it be office supplies, furniture and fixtures, vehicles, manpower, and other services. This is where bidding acts as a filtering area for the government to know who provides the best service at less the cost. Indeed, being able to get a contract from the government is sure money. If you have just started venturing out to deal with government procurement, then you are already behind among those that have established already. So what can a small time business do to keep up with the competition? Check some of these helpful points and make them a guide.

This is the government you are planning to have business with, therefore familiarize the rules set by the government.

Make a record of what the government is requiring about the services or goods that are needed.

Have a keen ear and eye for offered opportunities. Government agencies offer many programs that help small business firms get into the limelight.

Invest in attending government expos’, trade fairs and the likes that may help in opening opportunities.

Aim to be abreast with other private business sectors and play a healthy competition.

The services and supplies the company offers can be supplied to many government agencies, know where they are and who to contact.

There are so many training opportunities that can be used to your advantage and company gain, aim for it.

Having someone that knows more will be an advantage. Don’t rush things over, as patience works.

To get the initial contract will be the hardest but will become a stepping stone to get the next. Build rapport and be consistent in meeting deadlines. An impression well-established will have an impact on the government for them to give you, the company, a good feedback for rendering the kind of service all the time.

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