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Learn Everything There Is For You To Know When It Comes To Court Reporting

One thing that you must be aware of when it comes to court reporting is the fact that it is a job take by what we call as court reporters or court stenographers. Court reporting, as what its name implies, is a kind of job wherein court reports will have to create transcripts of meetings, legal proceedings, conversations, speeches and other happenings as well in a verbatim way. This kind of job is necessary and important for the very reason that written accounts that come from the words of either the defendant or the prosecution are oftentimes necessary for legal proof, records and correspondence as well and this is where court reporters do their thing.

Another important thing that you must know regarding court reporting is the fact that it has several methods which is oftentimes pertained to as stenographic. By making the most use of the machine for stenotyping, the stenotypists or the court reporters will write down all statements that are made in the official proceedings. Due to the fact that court reporters have to do transcripts in a verbatim kind of way, the use of the machine for stenotyping only makes their job easier and faster since they only have to enter several keys at the same time to record the mixtures of letters that represent phrases, sounds or words. What usually happens to the symbols is that they are electronically recorded, translated and then displayed as a text through a process that is referred by many as transcription that is aided by computers or CAT. As a matter of fact, in a real time court reporting, the machine for stenotyping is linked to various captioning in real time, oftentimes of TV shows. Once the reporter types the symbols, the spoken words will automatically appear as screen text.

There are other methods of court reporting and that is electronic reporting. When we say electronic reporting, we are actually referring to a method of court reporting that uses audio equipment to account court proceedings. In this method of court reporting, the court reporters will monitor the process, taking down notes to determine the speakers and even listens to the recordings to make sure of its quality and clarity as well. Speaking of audio equipment, some of the most commonly used are analog tape recorders and digital equipment. We want you to know as well that electronic reporters and transcribers are the ones often responsible for the production of written transcript of the recorded proceeding.

Voice writing is another method of court reporting that you should be aware of.

All in all, court reporting is a process that deals with writing transcripts in a verbatim kind of way.

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